The Pace Chronicle: A Year in Review

The Pace Chronicle: A Year in Review
December 30, 2020

The Pace Chronicle has had the opportunity to continue to serve the Pace community with information throughout this crazy year. We welcomed many new members, graduated top writers, and made a smooth transition...

Newman Graduates Magna Cum Laude While Battling Rare Genetic Disorder

Rebecca Newman, a recent Pace graduate, had a successful academic career despite the challenges that come with her rare genetic condition.
December 2, 2020

Despite a rare genetic disorder, 2020 graduate Rebecca Newman will graduate Magna Cum Laude from Pace, with a 3.78 GPA. Newman attained her B.A. in communications with a digital marketing minor. As...

Pace’s Black Student Union plan for an eventful Spring semester

Pace’s Black Student Union plan for an eventful Spring semester
December 1, 2020

The Black Student Union (BSU), a student-run cultural organization at Pace, had a successful fall semester, and has expectations to continue advocating for minority students while injustices against people...

How, What and When Normal Campus Life Look Like at Pace University

How, What and When Normal Campus Life Look Like at Pace University
December 1, 2020

Safety guidelines have made living on campus look very different from years before, but how will they play out in the new "normal?" There are no definite answers as of now since normal is different...

As the Fall 2020 semester comes to a close, students and professors reflect on their experiences

As the Fall 2020 semester- the first on-campus semester to feel the effects of COVID-19- winds down, students and professors reflect on how it altered their experiences.
November 22, 2020

Years from now, the Fall 2020 semester will be one for the history books. It was the first full, on-campus semester impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Pace had to implement numerous changes to the way...

Students head home excited for winter break

As the holidays approach, Setter are leaving campus for break earlier than normal withe unknown future still ahead.
November 20, 2020

As we come to a close on what has been a strange first semester, students are beginning to make plans for winter break. Though, the strange times will not end upon returning home, for many the stress that...

NYC English Professors Hold an Event to Discuss Language Bias in the Classroom

English professors from Pace's NYC campus hosted an event to discuss the impact of language bias and how professors can address these biases in their teachings.
November 1, 2020

A group of English professors from Pace’s New York City campus- Kristen di Gennaro, Phil Choong, Tran Tran, and Meaghan Brewer- hosted an event on Oct. 30 to discuss how linguistic biases can promote...

To turn tragedy into triumph: How DJ Henry Dream Fund supports young talent

October 29, 2020

Ten years ago, the Pace community was shocked by the death of their junior football player. DJ Henry, a 20-year-old student-athlete, was shot dead by a police officer outside of a bar. After Henry’s...

DJ Henry’s friends and former assistant coach share the impact he had on them

DJ Henry's friends and former assistant coach shared their experiences with Henry and the impact he had on their lives.
October 28, 2020

By this year, most Pace students have become familiar with this name, if they were not already. They have heard his story. How he was a football player here at Pace. How he went to Finnegan’s Bar with...

Diversity plays key role at Pace

October 27, 2020

Diversity plays a main role within universities and other institutions. Pace is striving to implement diversity in as many aspects as possible in its tightly knit community. Brandon Joachim and Tianna...

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