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Christopher Dudek, Sports Columnist

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Being bald is not all bad. You save a boatload of money on hair care products, you don’t get carded for alcohol because everyone assumes you are over the age of 35, and you get to scoff at dandruff as it fails to accumulate on your head. Still, not too many of us would choose to be bald if we didn’t have to, especially if you are a woman.

But in Indianapolis, the nation of CHUCKSTRONG, there is a woman who chose to shave her head a week before going on national television as an NFL cheerleader.

This woman’s name is Megan. She cheers for the Indianapolis Colts on Sundays and will continue to cheer in a crowded Lucas Oil Stadium and on national television without her hair for quite some time.

Megan is not affected by cancer, but Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is battling leukemia. He hopes for nothing more than the opportunity to dance at the future weddings of his two daughters. Megan hoped that her gesture of solidarity would be enough to get a fan base to donate 10 thousand dollars to the CHUCKSTRONG.

It was. And the brunette’s locks fell to the floor as some dude in a blue horse costume shaved them away.

The event itself was organized by Blue, the Colts team mascot, and promoted to the fans via twitter. The terms were simple enough: donate enough money and one of these lovely young ladies would shave their head in support of Chuck.

Megan was the first and only one to volunteer. She told that she had seen friends die of cancer and that the decision to lose her locks was an easy one to make. After all, it was “just my hair.”

Well sure it’s just hair… if you happen to be some dude who has been working at a law firm for way too long. But these circumstances are just a tad different. We don’t even need to get into the differences in hair care for girls and guys – just look at her job.

She has to go out every Sunday and be what every guy (and some girls) ogles over in front of his (or her) significant other watching awkwardly and angrily. It’s unofficially a job requirement for these women to be beautiful, long-legged, have a full head of hair and fuller…well you get where this is going.

Not to mention most people are skived out at the thought of a bald woman. Michael Jordan was bald, Kevin Garnett is bald, and countless other middle aged men are bald. Other than Britney Spears and actresses that have had to shave their heads for a movie roll, name one bald woman you know.

If you can’t name even one, don’t be surprised.

So what if the Colts won’t tell us what Megan’s last name is? As you can see, she’s done more than enough to make her point clear. Too many people die of all different kinds of cancer. stated that 7.6 million people died of cancer in 2008 and that it is still the leading cause of death in the world.

So hats off to you Megan, Blue did a nice job with the new doo.

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