Post-Oral Kissing: Why Not?

Gabrielle Davina, Managing Editor

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Picture this: You’re lying in bed gloriously naked with your significant other (or perfect stranger) and they start to kiss down your torso. It’s your lucky day – they’re in a giving mood. Time for some good ol’ fashioned mouth-to-south and you just get to lay back and enjoy.

After they work their voodoo tongue magic for a while and you finally believe in the possibility of a higher power, they come up for air. As he or she makes the way back up your body, you end up face-to-face.

You’re now at a crossroads—to kiss or not to kiss?

Kiss, damn it! Kiss deeply, passionately and thankfully.

It came to my attention sometime sophomore year that there are guys and girls out there who get skeeved out by the idea of kissing someone who just went down on them. I had no idea; up until that point, I’d never been turned down for a kiss after pleasing someone and hadn’t turned down one, either.

It was a rude awakening. I was pissed. And I convinced him to kiss me, anyway.

The way I see it, if someone does you a service, you thank them afterward. It’s proper social decorum. Kissing someone post-oral is a way of thanking them for their hard work and dedication to your sexual enjoyment. If someone shows me a good time, you bet your bottom dollar I show my gratitude.

A handful of guys and girls have told me that they won’t kiss someone after being on the receiving end because it’s “gross.” What’s so gross about it? It was good enough for their consumption; it should be good enough for yours.

When the giver is kissing you post-oral, chances are they’ve swallowed whatever came out of you and most of what you’ll be coming into contact with by kissing them is saliva. There might be some extra tang, but hey, you’ve kissed someone post-cig or post-coffee, right? Or with morning breath? It’s no worse.

I’ve heard guys say they won’t kiss their partners after oral because “if they wanted to know what semen tasted like, they would be gay.” That’s silly…boys, most of you have engaged in sexual relationships with your hand since age 12. You’ve probably touched a penis (albeit yours) more than you’ve touched any vagina. If that doesn’t make you gay (side note: there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality) then neither does tasting your own semen.

I’m not telling you to do anything you’re truly uncomfortable with, but I’m encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone. It’s easy enough to keep a bottle of Listerine on the bedside table if that makes the idea any more appealing to you. In time, though, I bet you’ll get sick of the Listerine step and just jump right into the full-on make-out sesh you’ll want to have with the person between your legs. If not, best of luck dealing with the wrath of your offended lover. I don’t think you’ll be on the receiving end anytime soon.

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