Trying it… and Knocking It

Gabrielle Davina, Managing Editor

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Just so I know I’m getting my fill out of life, I try to go by the motto, “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it”—that is, provided it doesn’t pose a danger to myself or those around me. I extend this motto to my sexual experience as well. As much as I love vanilla sex, which believe me, I do, I keep an open mind to new experiences in the bedroom as they are presented to me.

Some things, though, have not been my cup of tea. I tried it alright—and then, alas, I knocked it.

The example that comes to mind first is of a night about a year ago when I had my first (and only) threesome.

I shared this experience with two fairly new friends of mine, a guy and a girl. It was fueled by an increase in blood alcohol content and a decrease in inhibitions…it was an experience for the books and a great friggin’ time, but I don’t think I’ll ever have one again. For one, I know I could never have one of those so-called “devil’s threesomes” (that kind with two guys—that’s one penis too many), but I learned from my experience then that I’m really not sexually attracted to women.

Bummer! I tried it. And now I’m knocking it.

Females, including the other one in our little ménage à trois, are beautiful, mesmerizing creatures; and while I wish I could be attracted to them, my wishes were blown to smithereens when I touched her lady bits. Just not for me.

Like I said: tried it, knocking it.

A good friend of mine suggested I cover anal sex in this article. Having tried it herself, she’s a step ahead of me, but she said she had a similar reaction to that experience that I did to my aforementioned one. It was interesting, she didn’t hate it, but she wasn’t about to run around with a megaphone suggesting everyone try it.

Another friend of ours overheard the conversation and chimed in with the same sentiments as her.

Is there anything wrong with any of us for wanting to try these things? No. But the other point I’m trying to make here is that there’s also nothing wrong with the fact that we didn’t love it.

Porn and dirty novels make it seem like everyone has to have these wild and varied carnal appetites to have true sexual prowess. I disagree. I just think it’s beneficial to try new things once in a while. It’s totally healthy and acceptable, though, to not to be into certain things that you’ve tried. In those situations, you take the experience for what it was: something new. You write it in your diary, store it in your shoebox of memories and call it a day. No need to do it again if you don’t want to no need to answer to anyone about it.

You never know if you’ll like something until you try it, and certainly you don’t have to like everything. Experimenting sexually is like going to an exotic restaurant—you could love it or you could hate it, but at the end of the day, you still get to cross it off your bucket list. Korean barbecue, check. Paella, check. Threesome, check.

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