Young, Broke, and Fabulous: Bad Habits Already? Four Steps to Break Them

Catharine Conway, Health & Beauty Editor

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As a freshman, my motivation level was at an all time high when I came to college. I was determined to complete my work and to be ahead so I could enjoy the never-ending social life. As time went on, however, priorities started to shift. I realized I was spending too much time staying up late with my friends. I ate too many times at the Pace Perk, and no matter how much I love my Pizza Rolls, I was sacrificing my sleep and in turn making my class work suffer. Thankfully, I realized this just in time to catch myself before I fell into the deep hole and spent the rest of the semester trying to dig myself out. Thus, Step One had already been achieved: admitting to myself that I had a problem.

Step Two involves changing ones environment. This allows the initial temptations to disappear. If it isn’t around you, you do not have to worry about making that choice that could drag you down. Research suggests that our envi­ronment provokes certain actions even while someone is actively trying to stop a habit. When you know your friends are going to the Perk at 12:30 in the morning, go to your room and watch television.

Step Three includes replacing your habit. Eat too many chips at night? No problem! Eat some al­monds or a banana instead. There are easy substitutes available to subdue the tempting late night munchies. Go to bed late watch­ing Netflix until the wee hours of the morning? Set an alarm with a general time where you should be heading to bed. These are some simple solutions that can be trans­ferred into any aspect of your life­style.

Step Four means to be patient! Statistically, it takes 21 days to form a habit. So that means in or­der to change your life, you must be diligent for over three weeks. However, everyone is different. Everyone’s habits vary and the plan to set realistic goals for your­self is recommended. Take every­thing one day at a time and never forget that you will reach your goal eventually.

With the end of the first semes­ter approaching, schoolwork is very important. It is make or break time and I choose to make my first semester of college a successful one. What will you choose?

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