Young, Broke, and Fabulous: Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Catharine Conway, Health and Beauty Editor

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With the struggles that come with financial aid and student loans, students may find it hard to arrive home with an armful of presents for the family during the holidays. But fear no more, for there are solutions that any stu­dent can use to fit their lifestyle.

To avoid impulse buys and extra add-ons, shop online! There, students can find extra coupons that make purchases even lighter on the wallet. Also, prices may decrease with time, so staying updated as the dead­line of the holidays gets closer is recommended.

Use Social Media! Twitter and Facebook are the perfect places to find the right deals at the right time. Certain businesses may give special coupons to cus­tomers just for finding them in special areas on the Internet. Ever use Groupon? There, students can find limited time coupons that could land them with the best gift for that special someone.

Create DIY presents! Make set of coasters with Instagram pictures, paint a camera strap for Mom’s favorite camera, or even put studs on the annoying sister’s iPhone case. Make homemade cards instead of shopping at Hallmark for the family to save money.

However, the best gift stu­dents can give when they are home is time. Do extra chores around the house, visit the grand­parents more than once, and help cook the holiday meal alongside the family. While students are away at school, all parents want is to spend time with their kids.

Holidays are the time for fam­ily, friends, love and laughter. For college students, any gift is the perfect gift because it came from the heart.

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