Happy Hour Feature: Jeff Scheen

David Paulstich, Featured Writer

Jeff Scheen worked his way from telling jokes to his friends to doing standup acts at Pace and doing large shows in Sweden that are up to 100 people.

Scheen started being a comedian in his hometown Holley, Mich. and since he was 22-years-old he has traveled from state to state doing standup acts.

The up and coming comedian started out by first goofing around and messing with his friends, then one of his friends told him to try it out.

“I tried out being a comedian by going up at this comedy club and I completely bombed it, but it was fun. I felt good and I just kept on doing it,” Scheen said. “I got a rush from it, it’s a little nerve-racking but the rush from being up on stage is an experience I live for.”

Scheen decided to talk about what has happened in his life for his comedic acts.

In his comedy act, Scheen talks about how he slept with his parents until twelve and how his father would sleep completely naked even when he’d sleep with his parents.

“My dad slept nude until I was 12-years-old and at that age, that is when my sister was born and then my dad started wearing boxers,” Scheen said.

Scheen moved from state to state and eventually came to New York because of the spotlight it provides for him.

“This is where young comedians go to get better and better,” Scheen said.

In order for Scheen to get more spotlight, he needed to complete small tryouts that were called a College Showcase.

“Pace University was at this showcase and certain schools pick who they would like to come to the school and perform and fortunately, they picked me,” Scheen said.

The ultimate goal for Scheen is just to make a living out of being a comedian.

“Being a comedian doesn’t feel like work to me, it is something I love doing and like I said during my comedy act I’m a nerd but I’m not that smart,” Scheen said.

In order for Scheen to feel comfortable up on stage, he tries to lighten up the crowd with small jokes and that is when Scheen realizes he can break out the good and sometimes inappropriate jokes.

“Once I get the crowd laughing that is when I realize I have them in the palm of my hands like I really have control over the matter,” Scheen said.