Pace Hosts Wipeout

Paolo Ferreira, Feature Writer

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The Programming Board hosted Wipeout on September 29th, which took place on Alumni Lawn. There were many activities to participate in, but the main piece was a huge blow-up obstacle course.

Similar to the television show, the course had three giant balls that students could jump from one, to the other, without wiping out.

A crowd filled the quad, watching as people either fell or bounced across the finish line. Many students attempted to conquer the course, which was a lot harder than it seemed.

“I went to the headquarters of the company where I got the obstacle course,” said Keyshana Dupuy, the event’s coordinator. “When I completed the course myself, I knew that I had to bring it to campus for other students for them to enjoy.”

It also gave all students time to engage with each other, laugh, and get to meet new people on campus.

“Promoting events on campus can sometimes be difficult because you never know if people will actually come. For programming, we focus on advertising on social media,” stated Dupuy.

Many different events on campus, such as Wipeout, are advertised on social media, so be sure to always check to see what’s happening at Pace.

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