T. Murph Makes Pace Laugh

Paolo Ferreira, Feature Writer

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A Chicago native visited Pace University and his goal was to make everyone laugh. T. Murph, an international comedian, came to share his material and have some fun on Tuesday night.

Murph has been a comedian for seven  years and plans to hopefully have his own hour special on Comedy Central. Currently he was featured on Key & Peele and played as the main barber. Ironically, Murphy first gained the inspiration to start his comedic career by his own barber.  He was also on other national television shows such as Chicago Fire and 2014 Reboot of BET Comic View.

His favorite part about being a comedian is “trying to make a stranger laugh.” He finds a challenge in not knowing someone and finding a way to get them to laugh with you. This is why Murph said he loved performing at colleges.

“College students overall do not care and if you come with weak material they will not laugh,”he said”

When Murph was growing up. he wanted to become a director and attended Southern Illinois University to pursue his career of choice. He later picked up and decided that he loved doing comedy. Before a show, Murph doesn’t do anything to prepare, but instead chooses to keep calm and relax.

While performing comedy in front of a crowd, it can be one of the toughest things because of the immense pressure there is to make a complete strangers laugh. Murph said he deals with the pressure differently.

“I hate sticking to a script,” he said. “I mess up all the time but sometimes you need to feel out the crowd and go on your own thoughts.”

Murph is constantly changing up his material so his jokes stay relevant. When writing down his jokes or coming up with them, he usually just uses elements of his life. Murph said “life and just living” are his inspiration for his material.

Murph has headlined many shows around the world including Dubai. His usual shows are at the show he produces at a comedy bar every 1st Sunday and then does jokes and Notes as well. He is always performing while home in Chicago and has become an instant regular at The Laugh Factory and Zanies. Murph also preformed in two festivals, which were the Comedy Central sponsored New York Comedy Festivals and the TBS Just for Laughs festival.

Murph said he would “definitely come back” to Pace because of the audience and their energy, which made for a great show.

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