First Generation Student Serves To Give Back

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First Generation Student Serves To Give Back

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

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Lisdy Giron, junior at Pace, believes that her passion to serve and give back to her community makes her an excellent candidate for SGA president.

Giron believes in Pace’s slogan “Opportunitas” and has taken advantage of several of the opportunities that Pace has brought in to her life.

Giron has a deep appreciation for the opportunities that Pace provides for first generation immigrants and has been involved with AALANA, a group created to provide students with mentors in order to help adjust with the transition in to college.

“I’m a first generation immigrant and I’ve been able to take advantage of many of the opportunities Pace provide,” said Giron “Pace really embraces diversity and culture.”

As the first person in her family to receive a college education in America, Giron has learned to value education and advocates for other students in America experiencing the same thing she is by being a vocal activist.

“Everyday I lived with the fear of deportation. That constant fear of being sent back takes a toll on you,” said Giron.

Giron uses her own experience as a way to empower others to be vocal and to raise awareness and to humanize DACA and to squander the common stereotypes associated with immigration.

“I’ve been sharing my story in order to help people be vocal and to help them not be afraid or ashamed of their own story and experiences because our stories make us who we are,” said Giron.

Giron often puts herself on the frontline and makes her activism a priority because she believes that it can help people understand it better.

“If we are able to put a face to the issue, it makes it more relatable to people and it helps people understand better,” said Giron.

Giron is currently the student representative of Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, a resident assistant on campus, while remaining on dean’s list every semester.

Although handling multiple responsibilities at once can be a difficult task for many, Giron does not feel that way.

“I’m able to identify what I’m passionate about and it’s my passion that guides me, I don’t get involved in things that I don’t care about,” said Giron. “I do really care about people.I am a people enthusiast..I definitely think that because I’m so passionate about people, I’m able to do everything I do.”

If Giron becomes SGA president, her focus would be to help strengthen the relationship between Pleasantville and Pace by helping the local businesses in the community. She wants to implement the use of coupons to encourage students to take advantage of the local businesses and be more active in town.


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