Jamie DelToro’s Goal is to See Pace Grow

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Jamie DelToro’s Goal is to See Pace Grow

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

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Jamie DelToro, junior at Pace, believes that her persistence and her passion for making sure that people are heard makes her an excellent candidate for SGA president.

DelToro has a deep-rooted appreciation for Pace and the sense of community that Pace has for one another and wants to create that sense of environment and community for other students.

“When I first came here, Rachel Carpenter remembered my name the second time I saw her. She had probably met 600 other students which really showed me that this is a school with people and faculty that really care about their students,” said DelToro.

Over the course of her college career, DelToro has been highly active on campus and believes that her experience in handling and juggling so many responsibilities shows that she will be able to fully commit to the role of SGA president.

In the past DelToro was an orientation leader, a student representative for SGA, has been involved with Pace Drama Alliance. She currently works in SDCA as a campus activities assistant, she is an ALAANA mentor, and is the president of Pace Cooks and Bakes, a new club on campus.

DelToro wants to work towards strengthening the community at Pace and making them more involved during campus activities.

“I want to find out what holds students back from taking a leadership position or being in clubs and what stops them from attending campus events,” said DelToro. “I want to see this community grow.”

One of the ways that DelToro intends on doing that is by making organizations that are DAC funded do co-sponsorships and making it a requirement throughout the academic year.

She believes that every student has the capability to be involved in several activities.

“If there’s something you’re interested in and you’re unsure about it, look it up, research it, talk to people about it and then go for it,” said DelToro.

DelToro’s hope is to help every student experience the close-knit community that she has experienced.

“I really care about the community and want every student to feel that way as well,” said DelToro. “At the same time I’m not afraid to talk to the people I have to talk to in order to get things done. I am not afraid to write those emails or talk to faculty.”





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