“Hall Wars” Pins Halls Against Each Other for Title of Best Hall


Participants after Elm Hall's "Manhunt" event, posing with the best hall trophy.

Stefano Ausenda, Contributing Editor

On Friday afternoon, Pace University’s Elm Hall, North Hall, and Townhouses competed for the title of best hall at Elm’s final event of the semester: Hall Wars. Elm Hall, co-sponsoring with the Residence Hall Association, held three separate team events to see which hall would walk away with the title of best hall.

The first event was a game of kickball between Elm, North and the Townhouses. The game started off light and friendly, but as the scores from both teams increased, the level of competition also increased. Nevertheless, the competitors remained cheerful and high-spirited until the end. After 40 minutes, the players got tired and decided to throw in the towel with the final score being a draw: 11 North & Townhouses vs. 11 for Elm.

After an hour or so, the next event took place- Hall Wars Trivia; a Jeopardy game moderated by the President of Elm Hall Council, Max Dagostino. The categories students got to choose from were food, movies, music, sports, and Pace University fun facts. The Townhouses decided not to participate in this event, so the competition was North against Elm.

North dominated the majority of Round 1 but got the Final Jeopardy question wrong, resulting in Elm winning. During the second round, though, North retained their lead throughout the round. North won overall.

The third and final event was a game of Manhunt, and didn’t begin until sunset. It was the biggest event of the day in both attendance and popularity. Manhunt is a sort of combination between Hide and Seek and Capture the Flag. Once again, North was pinned against Elm to fight for the title.

“My favorite part of [the Manhunt] event was being able to hide and watching everyone else on my team get chased while I stayed safe and hidden away,” said Ethan Wood, Pace sophomore and North Hall resident. “I’m glad I came out for this, and I’m actually ready to do a couple more rounds.”

North once again defeated Elm, and simultaneously won the title of best hall. They got to return to their hall with bragging rights and with the much-coveted best hall trophy.

Some students came to participate in the events who were not even residents of Pace. One such person was Brandon Collins, Pace junior and commuter student.

“Having attended all three events, Manhunt was definitely my favorite one, because trying to catch everyone was really fun,” he said. “Even though there weren’t many people today, I feel like everyone made the most out of it.”