Students Enjoy Free Rides and Food at Pace Programming’s Spring Carnival


The Ferris Wheel; one of many rides that students enjoyed on Saturday afternoon during Programming Board's Spring Carnival

Stefano Ausenda, Contributing Editor

Even though finals week is close approaching, guests would never notice if they happened to visit Pace’s Pleasantville campus on Saturday afternoon.

What was normally an ordinary Pace University parking lot was transformed into an oasis of fun, excitement and music. This was because Programing Board hosted their final event of the semester; the sixth annual Pace  Spring Carnival.

Dozens of students waited for the gates to open before the event officially began at 3 p.m., and the first 100 students were given a free pair of sunglasses courtesy of Programming Board. Once at the event, students participated in all kinds of fun things and rides; from spray painting their own t-shirts, to taking eccentric photos in the photo booth with their friends, to riding on a 20-foot tall Ferris wheel. Everything was free of charge for students, and $5 for non-students.

Students who preferred not to get free tattoos or ride the rides could sit back and listen to some of the award-winning bands and artists who performed. These artists included Canadian YouTuber and singer-songwriter J8KE (Jake Robertson), and top-five contestant from The Voice Kristen Merlin, to name a few.

Since so many people were expected to attend, ample food was available for students to snack on, including hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, and sherbet. At 7 p.m., the Cowabunga food truck opened, offering even more food for students.

“My favorite part of the carnival was the free food,” said Olivia Wint, Pace junior. “I love snacks and one of my favorite foods is French fries (which were served at the event.)”

Wint enjoyed the event overall and thought that it was very unique.

Even though the event had a lot of attendees, some students found the event underwhelming, and thought that there was going to be a bit more to do.

“I feel like there should have been more to do,” said Larry Omolayo, Pace junior. “There was only like three rides and three carnival game stations, but (the carnival) was still pretty entertaining.”

The carnival kept a very sizeable crowd throughout the entire day; even after the sun went down and it started to rain. It takes more than a little bit of rain the dampen the spirit of a Pace student.