Gina Gelchie Hits Her First Notes at Convocation


Gina Gelchie

Gina Gelchie sings at a coffehouse event for her high school.

Katherine Walsh, Contributing Writer

Gina Gelchie made her mark as a member of the class of 2022 when she sang the National Anthem and the Alma Mater at Convocation.

Gelchie, a freshman from Long Island, heard about the video audition at orientation over the summer. However, she contemplated the idea for a while before officially making a video a the day before the auditions were due.

It didn’t take long until Gelchie was aware that she had received the honor to sing at Convocation.

“I was super excited, but at the same time I was super nervous that I was going to end up like Fergie at the all-star game,” Gelchie said.

Gelchie was one of three freshman that sent in a video-audition.

Associate Vice President and Dean for Students, Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo was impressed by all three students, but Gelchie stood out the most.

“They were all good, you just try and pick the one that you think would do the best,” Moscaritolo said. “I liked her energy. She portrayed an energy and an excitement through her singing.”

Gelchie described the experience as nerve wracking.

“I was so nervous that I don’t really remember what happened before or after it,” said Gelchie. “I just went on autopilot and hoped for the best. Afterwards, I was relieved that it was done, but I nervous to sing the alma mater.”

Gelchie was grateful for the support from her classmates and glad to know that everyone was supporting her.

“I think she did amazing…” freshman, Tiffany Decker said. “I was just glad that a freshman got the opportunity to do that,”

Gelchie began singing as soon as she could talk. She distinctively recalled a memory of her singing the song “Where are you Christmas” from the movie Grinch around her house at the age of two.

In high school, Gelchie had many of solo performances. However, this was the first time Gelchie had sung the National Anthem in front of a large crowd since eighth grade.

Gelchie has already taken steps to continue singing on campus and is scheduled to sing the national anthem at the home opener football game on Saturday the 8th at noon. She also recently joined a singing group on campus.

Moscaritolo praised Gelchie’s early involvement at Pace.

“I think what it says is she’s willing to take risks, she wants to get involved and she wants to meet people,” Moscaritolo said “It shows her excitement for wanting to be here.”