New SDCA Coordinator Adapts to Pace with his Personable Attitude


Student Development & Campus Activities

Suede Graham, the new coordinator for Student Development and Campus Activities, lives his days by a saying from 'Dear Evan Hansen': "Today is going to be a good day and here’s why: because today, at least you’re you and that's enough.”

Katherine Walsh, Contributing Writer

From an orientation lip sync battle to the choreography of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” posted on his office wall, it’s clear that Suede Graham, the new coordinator for Student Development and Campus Activities, is ready to leave his mark at Pace with his authentic energy.

Graham first interned at the New York City campus with the orientation staff during summer of 2017. He applied for the job at the Pleasantville campus that December, where they held the position for six months while he finished graduate school at Mississippi State University with a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership.

The Arkansas native currently oversees all student organizations and supervises campus activities assistants. In addition, he dabbles in orientation and advises the commuter assistants and works with them to help create a community within commuter students.

Graham is appreciative of the family community that he has joined here at Pace.

“I really enjoy working with this staff and I think that I’m very lucky to have colleagues that really want to get to know me professionally, but also personally,” he said. “Everyone has a really good understanding of things that are happening outside of your job also affect how you do your job.”

Graham is able to relate the transitional phase occurring in his department to the transition he has made in his life. He mentioned that the office has recently undergone changes with himself and The Assistant Director for Greek Life being new. In addition, they are looking to hire a new Assistant Director for Orientation & Transitions.

Personally, he has gone through a transition with culture shock from moving to New York from Arkansas, as well as adjusting being far away from his family and friends. Graham calls being away from his family as the hardest part of his transition here, as his mom and sisters are his best friends.

The coordinator is looking forward to leaving an impact on the student body by bringing his most personable characteristics to work with him.

“They allow me to be myself and bring my sass and my own swag into the job,” he said.

Senior Emilee Coladarci already sees the influence he has on the Pace culture.

“He brings positive energy which keeps the students motivated, and provides a lot of good opportunities,” Coladarci said.

Along with his passion for the job, Graham has his passionate hobbies outside of the workplace.

He can be found entering the Broadway lottery every day to reach new heights in his city experience. Graham is also a huge music fan, specifically of Beyonce’s, and graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Music from Arkansas Tech University in 2016.

The oldest of four, is also an avid reader and an explorer, and likes to attend the gym so he can “continue to eat pizza.”

Graham aspires to see everyone being authentic for who they are as a person,

“It’s okay to be 100% and wholeheartedly yourself,” he said. “The whole word doesn’t have to love you, but you have to love yourself.”