Tips for Advising Week

Tips for Advising Week

Riley Sosnowski

Although it may be common knowledge that registration is fast approaching, many may not know that it is actually ‘advising week’. This is an opportunity for students to meet with advisors about any concerns they may have. Advisors are beneficial in many ways and know a plethora of details that are helpful to lead you in the right direction!

Especially with the middle of the term approaching, advisor appointments are necessary for students to figure out what classes they need to fulfill major and minor requirements.

“It is very important to meet with your advisor before registration every semester to make sure you are taking the correct courses to complete your degree requirements and that you are on track to graduate,” Lubin advisor Jeanette Kaczmarkiewicz said. “It is also important because the courses your advisor suggests are ones where you have completed any prerequisites or requisites.”

Advisors can help choose courses and schedules that work best for students.

“Your academic advisor is there to be a main resource and support,” Kaczmarkiewicz said. “Not only does your advisor provide course suggestions to register for each semester, your advisor can also help you plan your graduation plan, provide career advice and suggestions and also just be there to chat. We love to get to know our students and see you progress over your time at Pace!”

Kaczmarkiewicz advises students to familiarize themselves with Degree Works in preparation for advisement meetings. It is also important to check the prerequisites and course descriptions to be fully prepared.

“It is important for students to remember that you should think of your advisor as your main support and “go-to” person for your time at Pace,” Kaczmarkiewicz said. “If you are not sure what to do in a situation or just want to talk, we are there to provide resources, guidance and support.”