Commuter safety during winter weather



The commute to Pace.

Riley Sosnowski

These upcoming weeks may be crucial for commuters at Pace due to approaching weather conditions. The Pleasantville area already got hit with approximately five inches of snow and ice. Classes were canceled for the safety of student and faculty commuters. Last year, the Westchester area experienced a harsh snowstorm that left several commuters stranded along interstates. Students Michelle Broa, Caitlyn Cashman and myself were few of many commuters affected by the storm last year.

This past snow day, on Monday, December 2, the university played it safe and ended up closing first the Pleasantville and later the NYC campuses.

It is very important for Pace to be cautious of weather predictions, as many students and professors commute. The safety of students is Pace’s priority and being overly prepared for the worst is the best option.

Although finals are coming up, students can prepare over Blackboard or by emailing their professors to reschedule assignments if classes happen to get canceled again. Safety is more important than trying to attend class and getting into an accident.

Pace University implemented a new policy last year that stated no classes were to be canceled due to weather conditions. Professors must individually cancel classes and then host an online session among blackboard or in another online format.

Commuters can follow these weather precautions to ensure safety: always have spare clothes, blankets, flashlights, food and water and a full tank of gas when the weather is expected to be bad. These supplies will keep a stranded person stay safe and warm in case of an emergency. It is especially important to always have gas as gas tanks can freeze if there is not enough in the tank.

If all else fails, Pace always has a place for students who cannot make it home in bad weather. They have cots where you can sleep and be comfortable until the storm dies down. The library has a cot for students who want to rest and there are lounge chairs in the upstairs of the student center that are for great napping.