Pace Talks DACA

Photo courtesy of Slate

Photo courtesy of Slate

Photo courtesy of Slate

Brian Velez, Feature Writer

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On September 11th, members of the Pace community gathered together in the Kessel Multipurpose room to discuss the newest information regarding The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

President Donald Trump announced on September 5th that he wants to put an end to the policy. Therefore, Congress will have six months to pass a replacement.

The crowd in Kessel varied from first-year students, graduate students, professors and even political experts.

During the event, these experts spoke in depth of what the policy entails. Then, students listened and had their questions answered by the experts.

“The diverse group of stakeholders who were here have a variety of different areas of expertise,” said Bill Colona, the Director of Government and Community Relations at Pace. “I think anyone who attended this walked away with something.”

The event did have many emotional portions, even for some students who were not personally affected by DACA, but who just wanted to gain a perspective.

“I think for me personally this seminar put a more human perspective toward DACA, allowing those who attended to meet some dreamers which also helped us realize that there are Dreamers in our community,” said Kenny Zeto, a fourth-year Education major.

Criminal Justice major Lisdy Contreras believes that some work does need to be done to improve DACA.

“Of course the possibility of DACA being rescinded is devastating which is why now more than ever we have to push further.” Contreras said. “DACA is great but its only a temporary solution we need a permanent long-term solution for the dreamers.”

However, some professors remain optimistic for the dreamers.

“I hope for the dreamers and I hope that with enough mobilization and political pressure, some type of solution will be achieved,” said Michelle Chase, an assistant professor of History at Pace.

Even President Marvin Krislov spoke up in support of DACA releasing a statement on September 5th:

“Pace University stands in favor of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as a path to education for immigrants. The program has served Pace, our community, and our country well. Pace University supports immigrant students and their right to achieve their dreams and be a part of the next generation of leaders. The Pace University community upholds these values and we hope that Congress and the President can find a way forward that is inclusive and beneficial for all.”

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