No More New York Times

Emily Bresnahan, Feature Writer

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You may have noticed empty shelves throughout campus where the New York Times used to be, but there is a reason for that.

Administration had noticed a lack of readership for the otherwise popular newspaper, with stacks left unread at the shelves every day. It was unclear why the papers were still being provided if students did not seem to care if it was there. Therefore, at the start of this academic year, the shelves were empty, with no paper in sight.

To provide the New York Times to Pace University students, it would cost the university around $4,000 to $5,000 each semester. With recent university-wide budget cuts “it just wasn’t cost effective,” stated Student Government Association President Julian Alston, “it was a big chunk of our budget coming out.”

The actual decision to cut the circulation of the New York Times came from the New York City Student Government Association, which also saw a decline of readership on campus. Their decision affected both campuses, but there have been few complaints since the big change.

Many students on campus weren’t aware the New York Time was even available on campus, due to the influx of news available online. You can even get students access to The New York Times online for $1.00 a week, which allows students who did enjoy reading the paper to get their own copy, right on their laptop or phone.

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