“Pace Delivers” Delivery Service Struggles

Photo courtesy of the Pace Delivers Twitter account.

Photo courtesy of the Pace Delivers Twitter account.

Stefano Ausenda, Contributing Editor

Almost every student who lives on campus at Pace is somewhat familiar with Pace Delivers, even if he or she just sees it advertised when walking to class.

“The idea was to deliver food to all members of the Pace University community in Pleasantville, from places that don’t usually deliver,” said Dr. Katheryn Winsted, a faculty advisor to all the student-run businesses at Pace (Pace Mart, Pace Perk, and Pace Delivers). “The plan was to accept credit and debit cards, and Flex dollars, and order via the Pace Delivers website. Unfortunately, the current website does not take Flex and the team is still working on a website that will accept them.”

Even Dr. Winsted admits that business right now is really slow, and the student managers are trying to figure out how to encourage students to use the site.

In addition, the employees don’t seem too enthusiastic about it, according to Pace Delivers employees Sydney Georgiades , who say that the future of Pace Delivers doesn’t look too bright.

“In order to be successful, I think that we need to offer students the ability to use Flex, a more user-friendly website, better marketing (so that students are aware of our business and understand how it works), and faster delivery,” Georgiades said.

However, she is very hopeful about what the business will look like in the future.