Pace’s Study Abroad Program Excelling

One of the most popular spots to study abroad is England. Photo by Christina Bubba

One of the most popular spots to study abroad is England. Photo by Christina Bubba

Christina Bubba, Feature Editor

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Pace’s study abroad program is at an all time high for sending students abroad.

In the Fall 2017 semester, Pace students were studying in the following countries: England (London and Norwich), Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Florence), and Australia (Sunshine Coast and Sydney).

“We are welcoming home 12 returning students, which is the most students that have gone abroad in one semester since I started working here in 2014,” Education Abroad Program Coordinator, Kristina Byrne Gallagher said.

Students who have gone abroad express their passion towards traveling have stated nothing but praise for the program.

“Traveling to other countries shaped me as a person; it taught me responsibility and made me grow into a mature young adult,” a sophomore childhood education major, Marisa Moudatsos said.

Pace offers a variety of programs that are flexible for students with differing majors and financial situations.

“The Pace faculty is incredibly supportive of the study abroad experience and they were very helpful in finding ways for my credits to transfer back to Pace,” a sophomore NYC student, Jessica O’Leary said.

There will be 12 faculty-lead courses next spring alone. Faculty-led trips take place during summer, winter, or spring intercessions, after completion of the course during the semester.

Programs that allow for a longer experience abroad include Pace’s Global Exchanges, Global Partners, and Global Fellows.

Students using the Global Exchange program continue pay tuition to Pace; room and board costs are paid to the host institution. This program upholds all scholarships, financial aid, and grants.

“Pace did an amazing job promoting the opportunity to its students and the exchange program helped make it affordable for me,” a sophomore, Michael Torres said.

Pace’s Global Partners operate in a similar way, with the main difference being that students may only use up to $10,000 of their scholarships and grants towards their trip.

The Global Fellows program is a selective program for students taking internships or research trips. These students live within the community of the foreign country they are visiting.

There are other options for students who wish to study abroad during the summer and winter intermissions.

Interested students should visit the Study Abroad offices located on the second floor of Kessel. There are walk-in hours and scheduled meeting options.

There is study abroad information sessions every Tuesday from 3:25-4:25 p.m. in the Kessel Student Center in the Dean’s Lounge.

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