Study Abroad Fair Takes Place Despite Inclement Weather

Photo by Christina Bubba

Photo by Christina Bubba

Photo by Christina Bubba

Christina Bubba, Feature Writer

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World-wide representatives were set up in Pace University’s Kessel Student Center on Wednesday, eager to discuss the school’s study abroad program with students.

While the fair was cut short due to inclement weather, it did little to dampen the enthusiasm displayed by the representatives of the seven visiting programs: the University of Westminster, SIT Study Abroad, USAC Global Partner, John Cabot University, Richmond College of London, Spanish Study Abroad, and University of College Cork.

“A year and a half ago, 15 percent of Pace students studied abroad, which is five percent more than nationally,” Director of study abroad Theresa Frey said.

Frey claimed that these percentages are rising for Pace University. According to Jane Wallis, the Head of Education Abroad Team for University of Westminster, there are at least 20 students from Pace University campuses on its London campus each semester.

Undoubtedly aiding to these rising numbers is a new 500-dollar grant offered to study abroad students with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher. This offer became available in fall 2018 for all graduate/undergraduate students.

Pace’s unique programs were exemplified at the fair, getting students excited to go abroad. One of the oldest programs, Spanish Study Abroad, which originated in Seville, Spain offers six locations for students to study in Spanish.

“I studied at Seville as a sophomore and I was pretty fluent in Spanish,” Mackenzie Stevenson, Spanish Study Abroad representative said. “I lived with a host family and we all spoke in Spanish all the time. All my classes were all in Spanish.”

Stories like Stevenson’s had students excited to start planning their trip abroad.

“I got a lot of information on study abroad programs from Australia, which is where I want to go, and information on the process,” sophomore psychology major Shannon Mueller said. “I want to get the full experience of being independent, traveling to a foreign place by myself, using money wisely and exploring the different towns and places.”

Intern and Study programs are being pushed by study abroad faculty so students can leave with field experience.

“On top of an abroad experience, students will be able to gain professional skills in a foreign country,” Arthur Kaufman, Study Abroad Office employee, said.

Non-traditional programs like SIT Study Abroad offers field-based experience for students interested in critical global issues. Students with any major can choose to go abroad through this program.

Whether students are looking for a specific program or simply have a passion to travel, the study abroad fair exemplified all of the options offered at Pace University.

“Studying Abroad is definitely the most transforming experience of anyone’s college career and I would encourage any student to study abroad,” Kaufman said.

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