Former Pace Student Arrested After Harassing Residents in North Hall

North Hall currently requires swipe access in to the building. Photo courtesy of

North Hall currently requires swipe access in to the building. Photo courtesy of

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

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Ariel Caro, a former Pace student, was arrested by Mt. Pleasant Police last Tuesday after harassing students in North Hall.

At around 9 p.m., Caro entered North Hall by going in behind a group of students that had appropriate identification.

Upon entering the building, Caro went to the third floor and entered rooms that were left unlocked or opened, and harassed residents until a student reported him to Pace Security.

“He asked me if I needed medicine and I said no,” said a student that would like to remain unnamed. “Then he asked me if I needed help with my homework and I closed the door.”

According to a statement released by Pace Security, Pace Evening Coordinator Andrew Elliott detained Caro and called Mt. Pleasant Police to further the investigation.

“They arrived on campus probably within twenty minutes, it was so fast,” said the student.

Caro’s personal property and vehicle were turned over to the police and removed from campus once he was arrested.

Caro graduated from the Lubin School of Business in 2011.

Pace security reviewed security cameras and released a statement that addressed some safety concerns and tips they have for students in order to remain safe from strangers that may pose as residents.

“Do not allow anyone to “piggyback” into the residence halls, walking in behind you without using their ID card,” said Vinny Beatty, the Executive Director of Pace Security.

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