Four Fire Alarms in North Hall within Five Days


Adiba Sikder

The fire department showed up at North Hall last week for different fire alarms.

Stefano Ausenda, Contributing Editor

Within the last couple of years, North Hall has become infamous on campus for the amount of times that the fire alarms have gone off in the building, and this semester is no exception. From the first day of classes, alarms in the building went off at least seven times. However, only one out of those seven was due to a scheduled fire drill.

From Saturday, November 3rd to Wednesday, November 7th, the building’s fire alarms went off four times.

The first time was on Saturday, at around 8:20 pm. According to an incident report by Pace Security, someone in the building was using a hair dryer, which set off the alarm.

Due to this alarm, students could not get back into North for over half an hour. But fortunately, no property was damaged and no residents were injured as a result.

Pace senior Olivia Wint is living in North for the third year in a row. During that time, there have been at least 25 fire warnings in the building.

“I think that only one or two of these alarms were from actual fires, if any,” she said. Wint wasn’t really concerned about the alarm on Saturday night.

“I grabbed everything I needed so that the alarm wouldn’t distract me from what I was working on,” she said.

By around 8:50, residents at North were safely back in their dorms. Almost 24 hours later, however, the alarm was set off again in the building. According to the report by Pace Security, the cause of this alarm was the result of a bad smoke head in Room A2L. Residents could safely re-enter the building within 20 minutes, and a work order was put in to fix or replace the broken smoke head.

Early Tuesday morning, around 1:20, a third alarm went off in the building and residents once again had to evacuate.

The most recent alarm in the building went off on Wednesday, but within 15 minutes, residents were let back in the building.

As of Wednesday, no incident report has been made by Security regarding the latter two alarms, so the cause of what set them off remains unknown at this time.