Lack of Students in Attendance for SGA Debate


Candidates for next year's SGA positions sat on the stage in the Gottesman room in Kessel.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a “Debate About It” event in Kessel last Monday afternoon. The debate served as an opportunity for Pace students to get to know and understand the positions of the students running for SGA office next year.

Pace students will have the ability to vote for who they want to run the office beginning on April 1. 

SGA has a significant impact on the activities that Pace students participate in. They approve the budget for student organizations and also approve the events that various clubs will put on for students.  Furthermore, SGA also works closely with faculty and staff to help initiate changes for the benefits of the students.

Despite the weight and impact this organization has on the university and the overall satisfaction of the students, along with it being held during Common Hour, the audience for the debate was practically empty. Besides three other students, those that did make an appearance would simply sit through the debate for a few minutes before leaving out the door.

In terms of staff members, President Marvin Krislov and Dean Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo appeared at the start of the event but had to leave early to participate in the karaoke that was also simultaneously occurring in Kessel.

Throughout the debate, the candidates introduced themselves and revealed their background, as well as characteristics that would help them excel in their positions. In addition, they discussed the changes they wanted to imply if they were elected to office next year.

One of the key components they all talked about after an audience question, was using their CliftonStrengths to their advantage and applying that to help their leadership abilities with their leadership positions.

Marissa Clark, an attendee, says the event was useful and will help her decide on who to vote for. 

“The candidates gave me a lot to think about and this won’t be an easy decision for me to make,” she said. 

Clark also added that the lack of people in the audience reflects the lack of student care when it comes to improving the university,

“The lack of people that showed up for the debate was very disappointing,” she saidStudent government is important.”