President Krislov to teach two classes this fall      


Pace University

Fall 2019 marks President Krislov’s third year serving as Pace president

Christina Bubba, Editor-in-Chief

This fall, President Marvin Krislov will teach a section of University 101, the required first year course at the Pleasantville campus, along with a class on election law at Pace Law School.

“My parents were educators, and I’ve always believed that education has a powerful ability to transform people’s lives,” President Krislov said. “So even as I’ve been a college and university president, I’ve always valued spending time in the classroom, too.”

Last semester, he taught a University 101 course in the city campus and found his experience valuable. President Krislov acknowledges that both campuses are equally important to him, so he plans to alternate campuses each year and continue to teach the freshmen course.

“I think a university president needs to really know his or her school’s students and understand their needs and concerns,” President Krislov said. “Spending time in a classroom with a group of students each week gave me a perspective I could not have had otherwise.”

President Krislov gained experience through his time teaching at multiple colleges and universities as well as practicing law for the federal government. He taught at George Washington University and the University of Michigan, where he maintained a vice president position. He advanced his role to president at Oberlin College of Ohio, where he was also a professor of politics. Although he waited a year until he began to teach at Pace, he entered as president and is now also a professor of law.

“In my first year at Pace, I didn’t jump into teaching, because I wanted to be fully focused on learning about the institution and its people, and getting my presidency underway,” President Krislov said.

Now that he is teaching, President Krislov explains the importance he finds in each of his courses. He looks at University 101 as a way to guide and support students on their path to graduation.

“It means a lot to me to be able to help a small group of students start on their Pace Path,” President Krislov said. “And I’d like to think I give them the guidance, attention, and direction they need to get off to a great beginning.”

He is just as passionate about teaching a course at the Law School. The course is one he previously taught and is familiar with, however he is excited for the chance to get to know the law students better. Election law is a prominent topic that President Krislov finds especially important in today’s political climate, when we are faced with what he calls, a consequential election.

Interacting with students is President Krislov’s favorite part of his job. Whether he is participating in campus events, cheering on the Setters, or teaching, he admits that “students are why I do what I do.”