Study Abroad Office Actively Searching to Fill Position


Pace University/ Victoria Rooney

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Kristina Byrne worked alongside and assisted faculty, students and staff for her 5 years working at Pace. During these 5 years, she primarily led the faculty-abroad programs. However, she also did transcripts and helped with other abroad programs. Her time at the university led her to wear a variety of different hats and complete a variety of different jobs.  

The absence of her position led to decreased study abroad open hours for the time being. However, the Pace Abroad Leaders (PALs) and part-time employee study abroad advisor, Danielle Dilonardo are still available to speak with students and staff members. 

Furthermore, Director of Study Abroad Jennifer Ley said three staff members, including herself, are assisting with the faculty-led abroad programs currently going on in the Fall 2019 semester. The programs are divided amongst the employee that has the most information regarding that specific study abroad experience.

 Although, the office will miss Byrne’s personality and work ethic, the abroad office continues to be on the path. In fact, the spring 2020 enrollment for study abroad has increased with students experiencing programs that have not previously been attended by a Pace student before. Some of these locations include places like Mulan and Auckland. 

In addition, Ley says that the change in position is something that can help improve the overall structure of the abroad office.

“The plan will be good, there will be a new focused role and study abroad will be more focused,” Ley said.

The office is also involved in the search to fill that position.

“We have been involved in the  process of what we want in the position and how we can help the faculty run their programs,” Ley said. 

Although Byrne’s academic role is irreplaceable, the office is actively seeking and close to securing someone for her position. The administrative position will include supporting the students and faculty, as well as being structured and organized with quality communication skills. 

Ley acknowledged that there are “So many bits and pieces to these study abroad programs that are very complex, so it’s good to have someone who is very organized.”