Lubin Business Association’s Careers in Marketing Panel recap


Caitlyn G. Cashman

Those running the marketing panel October 23.

Caitlyn G. Cashman

On Wednesday October 23, the Lubin Business Association (LBA) hosted the “Careers In Marketing Panel” in Gottesman.

LBA Cabinet members, President Thomas Lamorgese, Vice-president John-Carlo Batista and Treasurer Nicole McMullen, introduced the panelists: Tiffany Brewer class of 2019, Nick Deroso Pace student, Kellyann O’Donnell class of 2010 and Morgan Ward class of 2018.

Brewer was the first to speak and opened about her choice to pursue marketing research and thanked Pace’s very own Susan Armstrong for helping her land her job at Nielsen Holdings.

“I decided to reachout to Susan Armstrong, back there, she had worked at Neilson for 25 years so I decided to connect with her and spoke about my interest in marketing research,” Brewer said. “She helped with my resume and kind of get in touch with the right people.”

As a result, Brewer has been working with the global information and data measurement company for five months now. All of the panelists are employed in their field, including full time student Nick Deroso.  Deroso is also employed by Neilson.

“I’m a full-time student, I’m in my last semester here, I’m working full time… I usually take my lunch breaks to come here,” Deroso said. “I do online and night classes. [A] pro tip is, you just gotta get it done.”

The panel was a chance for students to get real world business insight from highly motivated individuals.   Each panelist gave inspirational and applicable advice to the crowd of business students. Though they all work in different fields of marketing, the panelist humorously gave the same advice to join the AD team with Professor Paul Kurnit.

After each panelist spoke, professor Kurnit asked several follow-up questions to end the hour. Each question was met with thoughtful and detailed answers making the former professors of the alums in the crowd smile. After the event ended, many inspired and inquisitive students approached the panelist individually with questions in hopes of possible networking connections and continued advice.

The event provided guidance to the student audience and a forum for the alums to represent their company and their success as Pace graduates. Great energy and enthusiasm was carried out by the panelist even after the event ended. The student audience easily picked up on their authentic energy as they gave their long applause.

LBA and Accounting Society have similar events throughout the semester, check your Pace email or the LBA’s Orgsync page for more information.