October 25 Senate Meeting Recap

Stefano Ausenda, Contributing Editor

Senate Meetings are held every other Friday in the Kessel Student Center. A lot is discussed and decided upon in these meetings. To stay up to date, find the highlights below:

  • Construction on the bookstore will begin during winter break and will hopefully be completed by the end of the Spring semester.


  • SGA and Programming will co-host the Spring Carnival this year.


  • New Finance Committee takes the place of treasury meetings, thus there will be no more treasury meetings for the rest of the semester. For details on this committee and for possible future story, contact SGA vice president of Finance Ciara Kain.


  • Campus holiday party Dec. 6th. To host a holiday-themed activity with your campus org, contact Erika Schmid.


  • Lubin Town Hall meeting Nov. 6th and there will also be a networking event for Lubin students.


  • Colleges against Cancer requested $4,888.74 for their Relay for Life event on Apr. 24th-25th. Budget was approved.


  • POWER, FIRE and Pace Pride requested $4260 for their joint  event happening in February. It was approved.


  • S.O.C.A. requested $3,112 for their fashion show happening next semester. It was approved.


  • Dominican Student Association requested funding from SGA for their organization. The motion for funding was tabled for the next senate meeting.


  • IGNITE requested funding from SGA from their organization. Motion was unanimously approved.


  • SGA plans to place hammocks around campus for students during the second half of the spring semester, and campus clubs can sponsor them if they are interested.