A new laundry service that gives back


Contributed by Angela Siclari

The laundry service helps keep adults with disabilities employed.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Laundry can often add another level of stress to many students’ lives. Now, there is a local business that is hoping to add Pace students to their list of clients for laundry services. EV Laundry is a non-profit organization that provides free pick-up and delivery for wash and fold services. The laundry company is located in Mount Kisco, New York and was initiated in April of 2018.

The laundry service begins at $25 per week, and payment is accepted through credit cards, Venmo and Zelle. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to adjust their laundry plan and decrease the frequency of the delivery service, to help cater to their needs. 

The company would pick up the laundry at Pace on Monday mornings and would deliver the cleaned laundry back on Thursday afternoon. In addition, the service provides customers with a laundry bag which can hold up to 20-25 pounds. EVNY laundry states that they utilize a laundry detergent with no dyes or scent in it. They also added that the machines they utilize are sanitized on a weekly basis. 

The Laundry service is an extension of Extraordinary Ventures New York, which is a non-profit organization which creates businesses to employ adults with disabilities such as autism. This particular branch is working with residents, businesses and other universities, such as Mercy College School of Nursing, to help save time for those with  busy lives. 

Angela Siclari, an EVNY staff, explains that they wanted to bring their service to the university to help with the increasing enrollment of students who live on campus.

EV Laundry recognized a surge in student enrollment at Pace, knowing that access to washing machines in the dorms would likely become more limited,” Siclari said. “We wanted to offer our services to make life easier for busy, hardworking students.”

Siclari emphasized that this service is not just an assistance for student lives, but is supportive to those within the community. This provides developmentally disabled adults a job, which helps enrich their own lives, as well as the lives of their families. 

Assistant Dean for Students and Director of Residential Life and Housing, Alerie Tirsch, says that she  was contacted by the company last semester and brought it up to members on the Residential Hall Association (RHA) council. From there, Tirsch determined that some students were interested in the program. However, she did acknowledge that the price could be a drawback for students on campus. 

Although the laundry service is not associated with Pace, Tirsch stated there was enough interest to hang flyers in the halls. Students who are interested can contact Angela directly or sign-up for the service on their website.