Pace Talks becomes a new campus tradition



Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Pace’s own version of the inspirational lectures known as Ted Talks is making its debut at Pleasantville on March 25 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the Gottesman room. 

The lecture will feature members of the Pace community speaking on topics  revolved around the theme, “The essence of a changing world.” 

“[The theme is a] great fit to what is currently taking place in the world today and a great start to a new annual event,” Graduate Assistant, Jamie Deltoro said. 

She believes that sticking to a theme at this event allows the Pace community to come together as one to share their ideas regarding that specific topic. The lecture is open for any student, staff or faculty member to participate in. Those who are interested in speaking at the event can register on Orgsync until March 11. 

Speakers at the event will participate in dress rehearsals and take practice runs in the week prior to the event. Furthermore, Deltoro adds that Pace Talks is an opportunity for students to gain exposure to public speaking and work on practicing the necessary skills.

In addition to Pace Talks, SDCA also explained that they will be hosting Pace mini talks. These mini talks will allow members of the Pace community to choose their own topic to discuss, which differs from the once a year event. These talks will be held monthly and the best speakers at these events will be invited to the once-a-year Pace talk in the spring semester. Currently, Pace mini talks are scheduled through the fall 2020 semester and set to take place during common hours. 

The hope is to allow the main Pace Talks event, which is planned to run in the spring semester, to become a Pace tradition according to Deltoro. Upcoming dates for Pace mini talks are as follows: Monday, April 13, Monday, September 21, Wednesday, October 14, Monday, November 16 and Wednesday, December 2.