Is the Library a Good Source for Student Success?

Abby Stucker, Feature Writer

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This week’s question probes the idea whether or not the library is a good source for student success. The Pace library states on the university’s website that it “provides an impressive array of material and digital resources in support of classroom teaching, collaborative and interactive learning, independent study, scholarly research, and lifelong learning…”

So is it? I’m inclined to believe that it definitely is, here’s why.

I believe that library is a great source for students to get studying done. Not just any studying, but effective studying. The first floor provides a social setting for group studying which is very beneficial because with college, comes those sometimes dreaded group assignments. If you make your way up a level, the second floor provides a totally quiet zone, where only silent study is permitted and no talking is allowed. This is a place where I can always rely on getting all of my work done. It is an area, unlike the comfort of your dorm room, that provides zero distraction and 100 percent focus. On the third floor, it is a place for minimal group discussion. Many athletes go to this area to complete their mandatory study hours for the week. A main attraction on the top floor is the tutoring center. Although the library has a few attributes as to why it’s a great place for student success, the tutoring center is at the top.

It is a great service for students who are struggling in a certain class or classes. These tutors are comprised of undergraduate students and graduate peer tutors who specialize in multiple subject areas including accounting, economics, languages, sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), computing, mathematics, and more. You are able to walk in at any time they are open, which is every day of the week except Friday and Saturday, and get a tutor’s assistance if they are available,which they usually are. People can also make appointments on a weekly basis with tutors if they want to. The tutoring center is just one of those tools that the university community can take full advantage of and it is totally geared toward student success. With this tool, you have the chance to go beyond the classroom and learn more than what the teacher is providing you.

The library is not lacking when it comes to technology and all the devices that we use to enhance our learning. They provide a wealth of desktop computers for students to use, that are free of charge. If you’re more of a Mac user, they provide those models too. There are also printers available for use that require a small charge, with the use of your student ID.

Another great source at the library is the ITS Help Desk. You can go to them with any tech issue and they could help you. This technical support is available to all Pace students, faculty and staff experiencing any issues with Pace systems.

Sometimes we have to do research or just want additional knowledge for our classes and that is where the books come in to play. A building full of books can be really intimidating if you don’t know where to look. But, Pace makes it really easy for us. The library provides a Reference desk for times of assistance, when we can’t find something, need guidance, or have a question. On the web, they have a stock of scholarly journals and books. They say that this “provides an online gateway to users all over the world.” Also if you can’t find what you’re looking for online, the library will order it for you.

When it comes to midterm and final time, the library really cares about the students doing well. They support these stressful cramming periods by staying open for 24 hours and they also host events. These events are geared at totally de-stressing us. For example, they have dogs that provide animal-assisted therapy services come to help provide some stress relief during finals. They also have a coloring station step up to help relieve stress when you need a break from the textbooks.

We should all be grateful for the tools that Pace and the library provide to us, these tools are helping us succeed in little ways that can make big differences in the long run!

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