Jennifer Magas: New MCVA Professor and Communications Guru

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Jennifer Magas: New MCVA Professor and Communications Guru

Jennifer Magas

Jennifer Magas

Jennifer Magas

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

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Professor Jennifer Magas, a new MCVA professor at Pace, is a master of many trades in communications.

Although many may consider her a communications guru, her favorite part of having this much experience is being able to pass on her expertise and seeing her students thrive.

“The most exciting part has been seeing all of my students getting internships, getting jobs, and getting into graduate school,” said Magas. “They always seem to come back, so I know I’m doing something right.”

Magas is an award-winning professor who transferred to Pace this semester after teaching at Southern Connecticut State University for 16 years.

She believes that the diverse student background and the combination of theoretical learning and hands-on learning that draws her to Pace.

“I am honored to join the Pace family and further the University’s commitment to a college education that is dynamic, intellectually challenging, forward-thinking, simultaneously combining theory and practice to enhance graduates’ career readiness and entrepreneurial agility.”

Magas has been teaching for over 20 years and is very passionate about enriching her students’ lives and is constantly going the extra mile and helping her students inside and outside of the classroom.

She has helped over 70 of her students receive jobs and internships with high profile companies and has accepted over 140 students to intern and work with her public relations agency, Magas Media Consultants (MMC).

Over the past semester, her interns were given the opportunity to represent Bobby Johnson, a man who was wrongfully convicted for murder and spent nine years in jail.

Magas is vice president of Magas Media Consultants and does all of the work regarding communications in her company, such as the press releases, writing, and handling social media.

She recalled that it was very difficult for her and her husband to start MMC because of how much needed to be done.

“You can’t really prepare for the running of a business,” said Magas. “When you first start your own business it’s very overwhelming because you have to do everything on your own.”

Magas believes that building her brand over time helped her by creating her own website and continuously updating it over the years, which helped her company to become more successful.

“Build your brand early. I say this to all my students. Start with your resume and go to career services” said Magas. “You also have to think about what your digital identity is on social media. Google yourself.”

Since Magas started teaching 20 years ago, she has noticed a considerable difference in the role technology plays in the classroom within the last decade.

“The integration of technology is just amazing and it’s so exciting to see students embrace technology and bring that into the classroom,” said Magas.

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