Introducing the Pace Guitar Organization

Photo by Max Pixel / CC BY

Photo by Max Pixel / CC BY



Photo by Max Pixel / CC BY

Jack Fozard, Feature Writer

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No music program but surely plenty of students who like music; A situation at the Westchester campus that can leave those looking to continue the study or appreciation for music at a loss- that’s where this new club comes in

The Pace Guitar Organization is a brand-new recently funded club at Pace that joins an otherwise lone music club, The Abyss of Sound choir, in offering Pleasantville Pace students avenues to explore music in at the Westchester campus.

The group was founded on mutual interest between President Cory Kinchla and Vice President Max Byrne earlier in the semester.

“Cory and I met on the first day of the school year and we immediately started bonding and we found out that we both played guitar, so we were looking around and we realized there wasn’t any club for guitar. There was only one music group on campus actually,” said Byrne. “that was the abyss of sound. We were pretty surprised there was nothing else so we decided that we were going to try and get together a club… really, overall we’re really trying to get people that already do play guitar interested so they can come and help out the new members and have fun playing, and we do have a lot of people that don’t know how to play that are interested in learning.”

While the Pleasantville campus doesn’t offer a music major or any substantial music courses, the original campus in New York City offers, in addition to a dedicated music major,  clubs such as Tonal Recall, an A capella group, and Stand Up Productions, a music and theater production club.

Following the recent funding of the club, the Pace Guitar Organization has begun planning out specifics, with the only description for the club reading ‘We are a group of students hoping to find more students interested in learning how to play the guitar.’

“We’re going to try and have meetings every Thursday, we’re not quite sure when we will start having those right now, though hopefully in the next few weeks or so we’re going to start getting things up and running,” continued Byrne. “ideally, yes, we will be having new members learning every meeting, if experienced people come. Cory and I, we figured that the two of us could teach but we still want to have other people that are involved that also know how to play.”

As for community events, more events in the vein of the recent talent show could be in store on more than an annual basis.

“We’re currently thinking that we will try to host talent shows,” continued Byrne. “I’m going to start working at the Perk soon, so [for] open mic night at the Perk we could put together guitar performances…recently Cory did a talent show here and there were I think maybe one hundred, one hundred fifty people that actually attended the talent show, so there was a lot of interest in it…. everyone enjoys music so I think that it’s a great to just get people to bond together.”

Byrne, a freshman along with Kinchla, has only recently begun to play himself.

“I mean I feel like a lot of people do want to learn to play guitar, I mean personally I had always wanted to and I didn’t even think about until, or really commit to the idea until last summer. So I think that there are a lot of people out there that want to learn,” said Byrne. “I mean really anyone is welcome, even if you have absolutely no idea about anything music related, like I hadn’t really- I didn’t really know anything about music before I started playing and there’s always a process of learning so anyone of any skill level is welcome.”

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