Meet Jade Mallea, Pace soccer goalkeeper

Christian Torres

Jade Mallea is Pace soccer’s goalkeeper and standout player.

She stated that playing her position is extremely difficult because a goalkeeper has the eyes of the entire field and is the one person that is most protected. Everything goes through her head during a game.

“The goalkeeper is not only important in soccer, it is extremely important in all other sports that require a goalie,” Mallea said.

Although this responsibility stresses her out, Mallea is constantly yelling on the field, making sure her teammates are doing the right thing to not let the ball get back.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” Mallea said. “I will always yell at my teammates, but like I just said, they are my teammates. I love each and every one of them on and off the field, they are family.”

When it is her time to perform, she stays calm and does not let her nerves get to her. She thinks that in big moments or big games, you begin to overthink and not play like yourself.

“There isn’t anything terrible about being a keeper,” she said. “The one thing I wish I could do is dribble more because I used to play on the field when I was younger.”

She tried to style her play from a very popular male goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer.