Best Places to Study on Campus

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Best Places to Study on Campus

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

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The Pleasantville campus of Pace is a very small and unique campus, which allows for more intimate classrooms, but creates limitations on spaces for students to study in.

The most common place to study in is the Mortola Library. However, during finals and midterms week, the library can get crowded and noisy and isn’t the most ideal place to study.

The library has several sections varying on sound levels that are open to all students, a café, and open printers. Certain floors of the library do not allow any noise in order to help students who are focused on their assignments.

“Finding a place to study is really important and difficult during finals or midterms. The library is the best spot to study in, so it’s important to get there early and claim your spot and save a spot for your study group,” said Stephanie Simons, a junior at Pace.

In the last two years, since the end of the Master Site Plan of our campus has been completed, some new spots to study have opened up that are overlooked; including the lounges of the new buildings, in Starbucks, certain benches outdoors, and certain parts of the library.

The newest buildings, Alumni Hall and Elm Hall, have lounges on every floor and can be very useful around exams week. Some of the walls of these lounges are made with white-board paint and can be used to write notes or show examples for students studying in groups. These buildings are open for students to come in during the day, but requires a resident to help them in at night.

Another great spot to study is at the Starbucks café, which is located on the first floor of Alumni Hall. Many students take advantage of the Starbucks drinks served at the café around exams to help get a caffeine boost, but they seldom use the lobby space near it. This part of the building is constantly empty and can be very useful to students who are having trouble finding an empty spot on campus.

“You get the best of both worlds. You have access to coffee and a great study space,” said Simons.

Almost every building has outdoor benches for students to use for any purpose. They can be used for study groups to get together and go over notes. However, these benches can only be appropriately used during warmer weather.

“The benches are great for short periods of time because they can get uncomfortable and you can’t really spread out the study materials the way you want to,” said Kaila Williams, a junior at Pace.

Due to the size of the Pace campus, many incoming freshman are recommended to find the space that they feel comfortable in early in the year to claim.




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