Making your dorm room feel at home


Katie Walsh

Sophomore Marissa Clark completes homework in her dorm room after a long day of classes.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

     As summer dwindles down and the aromas of pumpkin spice quickly fills cafes and stores, college students are hit with a variety of mixed emotions. There’s an excitement of reuniting with friends, gaining independence and intriguing classes that one signed up for, but at the same time, students dread the late night study sessions, hours of homework and the lack of high-quality food. 

   Despite all that, many students find themselves surfing through Amazon and filling up the aisles of Targets and Bed, Bath and Beyond to find the perfect style for their dorm room. Although the cost of decorating can get quite expensive, there are cost effective ways to save money and keep a comfortable and functional room that makes every college student feel more at home. 

     One of the key essentials to a comfortable room is to keep plenty of blankets and pillows around to cozy up with during those cold winter nights and through the summer air-conditioning in Alumni and Elm. Some also opt to add small area rugs or a bath mat, for those in a suite, to add a homey feel to their living situation. 

     Many students hang up pictures of family and friends to remind them of the full support network they have to help them through the successes of their lives, as well as to be there through the hard days that everyone will encounter through their years of college.

    It’s also important to recognize the products that make one feel the most comfortable and help benefit them to be the best version of themselves they can be. Personally, I knew I needed to have my Keurig for those early morning cups of teas and mid-day cups of coffee in my room. 

    A few other key products that can assist in the decoration process of a room would be to add string lights for that added glow or add other pictures and sayings to the desk set-up and walls. One thing I prefer is to hang up inspirational/motivational quotes that I like to live my life by. These quotes help keep me motivated and inspired to pursue my academic and personal dreams.

    Additionally, throughout the year it can be refreshing to change the rooms up a little bit, for a change of scenery. Throughout my freshman year, my suitemates and I decorated our room for every season and every holiday like many families do at home. It created an environment for us that made it seem like we were living in our own house or apartment. It also served as a break from constantly focusing on schoolwork, athletics and our own jobs.  

   Decorating a room can easily become one of the best parts of the college experience, it’s one of the first times you are able to have complete control over the design of your living space. It doesn’t have to be an expensive process, but it should be an enjoyable one and one that helps make every student comfortable, organized and productive.