Column Descriptions

FEATHER RUFFLER is written by Arthur Augustyn.

Your impact is measured by how many people you piss off. This column doesn’t seek to be sensationalist but won’t make any apologies for going against the grain. Primarily focused on reviews of Movies and Video Games, this column will occasionally dabble in Current Events in the event that something needs to be said.

SPORTS ON THE SIDE is written by Chris Dudek.

The essence of sports bar debating has finally found its home in print. This column serves to present the issues, stories, or commentary that your regular conversation may be lacking. This column will keep track of current events in National Sports. From Football, to Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, MMA, and whatever else the readers want to read.

40 ACRES AND A MACBOOK is written by Ebony Turner.

Whether its the questionable headlines on Fox News, or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same race of students sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, it’s time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a MacBook – a modernized compensation for the world we are forced to live in.

FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS LATER is written by Ali Silver.

To Come.

CLASS, PRACTICE, SLEEP: REPEAT is written by Olivia Mapplethorpe.

A look at college through the eyes of a student-athlete: the benefits, the challenges, the truths, and the fallacies.  In this column, I will be sharing my personal experiences, as well as some broader issues that have come along with being both a full-time student and a collegiate athlete.

PACE PAPARAZZI  is written by Samantha Finch.

Pace Paparazzi is a photobased column. The term Paparazzi actually means for a photographer to take specialized, candid photos of his or her subjects. The column intends to be a pair of eyes for the campus, taking pictures from everything as campus events to action photography of students. Be on your best behavior. The Pace Paparazzi is out watching.

THE G SPOT is written by Gabriella Davina.

To Come