Time for Finals! Here’s How to Survive the Most Dreaded Season

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Nihal Al Qawasmi , Opinion Editor

I don’t know what stresses me out more, the fact that finals are around the corner or the fact that finals are around the corner? It’s already the first week of December? What is going on?

No, really, this semester flew by. In just two weeks or so, Fall 2016 will come to an end. ‘Twas an interesting few months, don’t you agree? But of course, before we can all taste the sweet bliss of winter break, we must get through our final obstacle: finals week.

Stick to these tips and you won’t just survive finals week, you’ll conquer the damn thing!


I’m not joking. Skip the unhealthy all-nighters and catch those Z’s. Better sleep means better endurance during the day. I know everyone thinks it’s cool to jug numerous cups of coffee while you stare aimlessly at your textbook and pretend it’s the end of the world — but it’s not. Not only will lack of sleep affect your skin and body but it will mess you up terribly during the exam. How can you avoid this? Schedule time to study in advance. See #4 for details!


Since I know you ungrateful kids won’t take the #1 piece of advice I just gave you – caffeine will be your best friend. Heck, it will always be your best friend. Drink with caution but don’t worry about having an extra cup during finals. Coffee increases concentration! Side note: make sure you’re also having an adequate amount of water as well. That’s not even just for finals, that’s a life tip. You’re welcome.


Please remember to eat during finals week. I’m aware everyone copes with stress differently, some find food comforting and others have no appetite (or time) for food. No matter your situation, make sure you’re having at least majority of your daily recommended servings. Nutrition is so important and it will affect your performance while studying or taking an exam. Finals week takes a lot of mental energy, which also correlates with your physical energy. I know it sounds elementary, but actively using your brain is exhausting. Listen to your body and feed it regularly with as minimal junk as possible!


You know it’s not smart to cram information in your brain a few hours before an exam, and yet we’re all guilty of repeating this mistake every semester. But have no fear, because if you actually take the time to schedule blocks in your planner at least a week before your exam – you’ll be A-OK. Take out your calendar and break down the material you need to study across a specific time frame. It also helps if you create your own study guides so you know exactly what you’re dealing with and how much time you need for each section. It can get pretty crazy when you’re taking between 15-21 credits – but you got this.


A clear space = a clear mind. If you’re studying in an area that’s super cluttered or distracting – relocate or organize the space. Not only can organizing act as a de-stressor, but you’ll feel really productive. Thus, motivating you to stay on a roll and get through those flash cards.

You’ve come this far, don’t give up now. End 2016 with kickass grades. Good luck! xo