Ayy Ladies!!: The Impact of the First lady

Ayy Ladies!!: The Impact of the First lady

Jonathan Alvarez, Web Editor

The role of the first lady is one that is often overlooked. Of course, the president garners the attention because, after all, it is the president. However, one does not simply just elect a president into White House without considering the whole package.

This election term’s leading ladies are Michelle Obama and Ann Romney. As many may already know, Michelle Obama started a campaign in 2010 to end childhood obesity called “Let’s Move.” This program has gained much attention and is creating an impact for healthy eating. Aside from that Michelle Obama has become a fashion icon and a role model for women in her stay at the White House.

Still, some think that the title of first lady makes the program work in the first place.

“If she wasn’t the first lady, she most likely would not have been able to have such an impact,” said freshman biology major Shawtima Moore. “Take Jodi Rell, a past governor of Connecticut for example. No one has heard of her or her cause.”

The president’s wife is not the only woman hoping to make an impact as first lady. Ann Romney is a breast cancer survivor and has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is also an avid equestrian and credits the sport as an aid in her recovery of multiple sclerosis. Ann Romney has also been involved in children’s charities such as the Best Friends organization in Massachusetts.

However, Mrs. Romney’s deeds were not as well known pre-election.

“I hardly knew who Ann Romney was prior to the campaign,” said freshman nursing major Gabriel Jackson.

In the past, women like Jackie Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt both gained acclaim for their influence as a first lady. Eleanor Roosevelt constantly advocated for civil rights and Jackie Kennedy became a fashion icon as she resided in the White House.

“It’s the title that makes them important,” said Moore. “When the husband has the title (of president), it basically puts them on the map.”

As the election campaign draws to an end, some may take into account the impact the first lady may have with her role in the Capitol. However, some do not even have an interest in who the first lady may be.

“There is no need to take into account the first ladies,” Moore said. “The first lady does not have the same role as the president does.”

Although many may not take the leading ladies into much consideration, there is no denying that they will play a role in the White House.

“They may not be taken into as high of a regard as the president, but they are still the wife,” Jackson said. “In the end, they spend a lot of time with the president and can influence some of his decisions.”