Two Cents: Arcade Fire – Reflektor


Derek Kademian, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Grammy Award winner Arcade Fire has returned with its highly anticipated album Reflektor, which is receiving nothing but positive attention.

“I think they really had something with the new album,” said senior marketing major Steven Druan, “it showed us a lot of different sides of them that we hadn’t seen before.”

Bringing on producer James Murphy, owner of Death From Above (DFA) Records and front man of the Grammy nominated band LCD Soundsystem, brought Arcade Fire to new grounds through his disco-funk style.

“There is a whole new vibe on this record, it’s out there at times but I think that’s a good thing,” junior finance major Rafael Puerari said. “Their last albums were so much more serious so I’m glad they came out with something I can dance to. ”

Unlike their previous albums, which emphasize relationships within families and neighborhoods, Reflektor is about the theme of isolation and reflecting on certain part of your life. The two conflicting themes make for a different sound than what their fans have become accustomed to.

“[Reflector] took a darker turn for them, but they’ve definitely stuck to their ideology,” senior media communications major Marielle IIjazoski said.

My Two Cents:

Since Arcade Fire released their self-titled EP ten years ago they have came out with nothing but spectacular work and Reflektor is no exception to this trend. The album breaks musical barriers in almost every conceivable way.

Their last album, The Suburbs, won a Grammy for album of the year in which they challenged audiences through subjects such as the urban sprawl, poverty and paid homage to front man Win Butler’s suburban upbringings. Reflektor is far more mature and yet it seems more playful than ever. Using influences from the Caribbean music, Arcade Fire has closed the gap between Indie Rock, Rara (music of Haiti), 50’s era Rock n’ Roll and Disco Noir.

If the Bee Gee’s made their music in a parallel, surrealistic universe, Reflektor would be the outcome. The production value itself is award worthy let alone the actual quality of lyrics and originality. Aracade Fire’s collaborations with Indie titans such as James Murphy, David Bowie and Owen Pallett elevate texture and consistency while its new Haitian influences further expose the band to new themes.

Over the past decade Arcade Fire has risen through the underground and has been dubbed the quintessential Indie Rock band and Reflektor is the plaque that certifies their authenticity and earnestness.

Reflektor captures the awe of their live shows, in contrast to the efforts of previous albums which did not encompass the same feeling. With no sign of a world tour on the horizon, it may be a while until Arcade Fire fans have an opportunity to see these stage masters show off their skills.