Pace’s Top Five Most Anticipated Fall Shows


(Photo courtesy of Pixabay.)

Susan Aracena , Arts and Entertainment Editor

Classes aren’t the only thing starting in the Fall, several television shows are returning as well. When Pace students were asked which shows they were most eager to see return, the top five answer were Power, Arrow, Flash, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and finally, Narcos.

Power is one of the most watched TV shows today, and on campus, it’s dramatic storyline and thrilling scenes have made it one of the most anticipated shows to watch. It is about two guys who grew up in the hood and ended up getting involved in the drug ring business and prosper significantly.

“There are so many elements. There are drugs and money with the main character Ghost is a drug dealer by night and owns a club by day and there are so many twists and turns. You never know what will happen,” Junior James Thorpe said.

Arrow is a DC comic based show about a guy named Oliver Queen, who grew up rich, and after an accident during a sailing trip his father dies and he gets stranded on an island for several months. The island had many secrets. During his stay, he encountered a man that taught him the ability to fight and have exact precision when shooting an arrow. When he returns back home, he uses these abilities to fight evil.

“I like the show Arrow because it’s a show that shows a rich the character like Oliver become more humbled by his actions. With the money his family has was able to do good,” visitor at Pace, Javier Chavez said.

Flash is from DC comics as well. This show is about Barry Allen, who was a normal kid until he was subjected to a nuclear disposal accident. Due to the radiation, he becomes the fastest man on earth. This show follows Barry, aka Flash, while fighting crime. Ironically, Arrow also makes an appearance in a couple episodes of the show.

“In Flash, there are always plot twists. And I like the main character,” said Marvin Jean-Baptiste.

Game of Thrones is a show filled with power hungry individuals throughout the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, who all believe they are the ones entitled to sit on the Iron Throne. While this feud occurs many other plots boil and larger problems develop in the later seasons.

“There are so many plots that you follow at the same time. The complexity of it all I find makes it extremely interesting. I don’t think I’d ever get bored of the show,” Junior and baseball player Ryan Aquino said.

The Walking Dead is a show following Rick Grimes and a very special crew of individuals. As you learn about each character’s life, a bunch of man-eating “walkers” has taken over the population, but you soon find out that the biggest concerns are the living not the dead.

And finally Narcos, which is a Netflix original series based off of Pablo Escobar and how he became one of the most notorious drug dealers of all time.

“I love Pablo himself and it’s filmed with Drama. And I love to listen to their Colombian accent,” Student Luzmary Ordonez said.