Hannah Katinsky: The Girl Behind The Lens


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Hailing from San Jose, California, sophomore Hannah Katinsky has a keen eye for what makes the perfect production and the passion needed to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Nigeria Belizario , Contributing Writer

From the West Coast to the East, Hannah Katinsky, a sophomore at Pace, is pursuing a degree in film and entertainment management. Originally from San Jose, California, Katinsky made her way to New York for a fresh start and a chance to fully dive into her field without having the eyes of judgmental people watching her every move.

“The people out here in New York allow you to be who you want to be without any judgment and that’s what I love,” Katinsky stated as she expressed her appreciation for her new environment.

Without skipping a beat, she went on to credit her parents for pushing her to do various activities in her younger years up until high school, where she played in various musicals, produced shows, and co-founded an acapella group. Towards the end of her senior year, she looked back on her high school career and at that moment she knew film and entertainment were all she wanted to do. Her infatuation with the fields was apparent and ultimately what led her to undertake a degree in those areas.


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“Ideally, my ending goal is being able to work for Marvel as a producer,” she said.

Katinsky also shared her love of Spider-Man, providing character breakdowns, explaining the synopsis of each series and slightly criticizing the acting of Tobey Maguire, who played the first Spider-Man.

It only makes sense that working for Marvel is her dream job; she admires their level of perfection with each project they release. She discussed the key elements that must be present when producing a film, television show, or any production.

“Passion, love, and execution would have to be in any and every project released in order to make the piece believable,” she said.

Katinsky is confident in her belief that everything should be completed with time and care in order to prevent unworthy material from being released. Those components will be the ones guiding her throughout her career similar to Edgar Wright, the director of her favorite film; Baby Driver. Unlike those whose favorite films are oldies, Baby Driver is at the top of her list because every shot and sound is done in a deliberate way.

“Nothing seemed thrown together, everything had a reason and it made sense,” Katinsky said.

The sophomore also provided words of advice for freshmen at Pace, specifically those pursuing a degree in film and entertainment.

“Remember three things: Make connections and go to the job fairs, don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there because it will help you in the long run,” she began. “Secondly, don’t ever doubt yourself, no matter what concept you have whether it may seem silly or not. Just go for it, you never know what the outcome may be. Lastly, if you don’t remember anything else, always remember to be fearless but patient.”