Phi Sig Makes Sure People Don’t Forget the Lyrics


Participants wait for the music to stop to give the next three lines of the song. Photo by Joseph Tucci/The Pace Chronicle.

JOSEPH TUCCI, Managing Editor

Phi Sigma Sigma (Phi Sig) Sorority hosted their “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” event on Tue., Feb. 23 in Gottesman, putting the memories of its participants to the test as they tried to remember the lyrics of some of the most popular songs.

Participants were grouped into teams of two. A random part of a song would be played, contestants would raise their placard to be called, and then they had to remember at least three lines of the song.

The song categories were broken up into pop, hip-hop and rap, dance, country, and, finally, 90s jams.

“We picked the songs from the top 10 most popular list, and went from there,” Phi Sig President Stephanie Zavolas said.

Some of the songs played were “Here” by Alessia Cara, “Hot Line Bling” by Drake, and “Cheerleader” by OMI.

Entrance to the event was $5, and all funds raised went to funding Phi Sig’s future events. The sorority provided food, which included chicken, veal, pasta, and salad.

The winners were long-time friends swimming team captain Jakub Lewandowski and sophomore AJ Arias. They were ecstatic about their victory. They won a $50 gift card.

“I was ready to win, I’m so happy that we won. In the end we pulled through,” Lewandowski said.

“I could have killed someone, I feel like I just won the presidency,” Arias said.

Even though he didn’t win, member of the swimming team and participant Robert O’Gorman enjoyed the competition with his captain.

“I had a lot of expectations for this competition, I thought [my roommate and I] had a lot of potential,” O’Gorman said.

The idea for this event came from the television show of the same name.

While Zavolas did enjoy the event, she felt like it could have been better, and might repeat it next semester.

“I watched the game show on television and loved it, I wanted [the event] to be bigger, [and] have more people and athletics involved, but it was kind of last minute,” Zavolas said. “All the performances were very good, and very entertaining. They were crazy.”

The music for the event was provided by WPAW.

“The event was fun to watch from behind the DJ Table, because we knew exactly when the music would stop. It was enjoyable to see people’s reactions when they got stuck on a lyric or phrase,” WPAW member Alex Coma said.