Time To Step Up Your Beauty Blender Hygiene Game

Courtesy of beautyblender.com

Courtesy of beautyblender.com

Jenna Febbo, Health and Beauty Editor

I think any person who wears makeup on a regular basis agrees that the beauty blender is a game changer. It is versatile, it applies makeup quickly, easily, effectively, and it allows you to achieve whatever type of coverage you want. There is really only one problem with the beauty blender, it is a pain in the butt to clean.

I will be the first to admit that I do not clean my beauty blender, or any of my brushes for that matter, as much as I should be. As soon as you apply product to it, it becomes dirty and just running it under water will not to the trick. I let the hygiene take a backseat. That changed for me when I saw one of the most disturbing videos on the planet – a woman cutting open her beauty blender to find bugs inside. It still haunts me to this day.

I get it now; the beauty blender needs to be properly cleaned. It is an ideal home for bacteria and I do not think any of us wants that on our skin. The bacteria can lead to breakouts and blackheads, as if we did not have to worry about those enough. Not only that, but an unclean beauty blender can cause uneven application and discoloration. For such a holy grail product, us beauty blender lovers should probably start treating it right.

Beautyblender, the original makers of the beauty blenders, sells a cleanser but it is pretty pricey. For those who are a big fan of home remedies and cheaper alternatives, I got you covered. You can clean your beauty blender with a cup of warm water and olive oil, baby oil, baby shampoo, coconut oil, or antibacterial dish soap. Giving the beauty blender a nice massage in the oils/soaps will really allow for a thorough clean. After giving it a little massage and a few squeezes, leave the beauty blender in the cleansing mixture for a few hours or overnight, if possible. The longer you allow your beauty blender to cleanse, the cleaner, and more germ-free, it will be.

Considering the beauty blender is used daily for many of us, cleaning it everyday is preferable. There are other steps that should be taken though when using a beauty blender so often. For starters, beautyblender recommends that the blender is replaced about every three months. Even if you are cleaning it everyday efficiently, it can still be prone to actual damage, like little rips and tears. For primal bouncing and best results for your makeup, replacing your beauty blender every three months is ideal.

Something else you might not have considered – where you are storing your beauty blender. I usually just throw it into my makeup bag but apparently, that is the opposite of what I should be doing. The beauty blender is commonly used damp and throwing the blender into your makeup bag after use is exactly what the bacteria wants you to do. Bacteria loves dark places and combining that with moisture creates the perfect place for bacteria to develop and live on your beauty blender. And then you apply that to your face the following day. Super gross. Storing your beauty blender in a dry and well lit place would be in your best interest.

Next time you use your dirty, old beauty blender, remember that there could be bugs living in it. If that does not scare you straight, I do not know what will. Treat your beauty blender right and your makeup will reap the benefits. Bounce cleanly, my friends.