Hillel Club and ASU Host Passover Event


Photo by Carmen Ballon

Carmen Ballon, Social Media Manager

The Asian Student Union (ASU) and Hillel club collaborated to bring the true meaning of Passover back to Pace University in Butcher Suite on Monday.

The celebration spread across the room with students of different cultures, conversing and laughing throughout the night.

The two clubs brought a twist to the event by telling a story of Shanghai citizens that gave shelter to the Jews during the Holocaust in WWII.

Before people lined up to eat, Kenny Szeto, Hillel club member, gave a blessing to remind people to be grateful for the freedoms in their lives.

“It is a story for all, to get together, remember our freedoms, and to remember the gift of freedom when god took us out of Egypt. Thank you god for giving us the food,” said member of Hillel, Kenny Szeto.

By learning the meaning of Passover, students gained a new appreciation for the gathering.

After the blessing, attendees gorged themselves in the variety of briskets, mash potatoes, vegetables and more that were provided at the event. People soon began conversing about their identity and culture that created a fusion of different backgrounds.

“Two different cultures working together on an event,  I love learning about new cultures,” said Officer of the Asian Student Union, Fanny Lei.

Hillel promotes Jewish life on campus, but aims to include all people to join the club.

“I hope that people know they are always welcome to come- they don’t have to be Jewish to come, and for the event themselves, I know not everyone here knows the story of Passover, but I would like them to learn this really amazing story,” said Senator of Hillel, Rebecca Newman.

Cheyenne Mascaro, Vice President of Hillel, reminded people that being Jewish is not a requirement to be part of the club.

“I am not Jewish, I am not even religious, my friends always wanted me to come to Shabbats- before I knew it, I was an active member and I just got so interested in the culture and learned more about it, and now here I am,” said Vice President of Hillel club, Cheyenne Mascaro.

Both clubs were excited for the partnership for the event.

Even though the event celebrated Passover, the two groups intended to promote inclusiveness in their clubs for all students.

“Seeing as we are partnering with ASU, we hope for people to see our rich history, but to show that we want people to feel welcomed- that anyone can come and join us for a Shabbat or Seder,” said President of Hillel, Sydney Krantz.