Pace Basketball’s Jeremy Posner Speaks on COVID-19 Adjustments


Destiny Lam

Jeremy Posner, a sophomore basketball player, had to make a lot of changes in his athletic career.

Beginning his journey of playing at Pace University, Posner who is from Miami, Florida, is pursuing a career as a film major and continues to be involved in basketball in some way. Growing up, Posner visited New York so often that transitioning from Florida to New York was not as difficult as it was for many out-of-state or international students. He chose to attend Pace University because of the benefits of being in New York and being able to play basketball.

Coming to Pace University, Posner fell in love with the culture and how everything works. One of the things that encouraged Posner was his team. Memories are something that people should cherish forever. Individuals in this generation simply let moments pass by instead of holding onto it. They are the mental camera roll of your life.

Posner shares one of his favorite memories since playing at Pace University. “When senior Tyrone Cohen Junior hit a half-court buzzer-beater to win a home game and ended on sports center top ten.”

You just had to be there that night to experience the vibe of the crowd and happiness from the basketball team. The way that everyone supports one another actually shows how the environment of the campus is.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, campus life has drastically changed. The decline in dorm life, activities, sports, the gym, Kessel, and so much more made the campus as a whole vanish. Even still, Posner had to work around this global pandemic to carry on his basketball journey. Struggling to find a way back to normal life during COVID-19 is rough. Especially with these mandatory rules and regulations, there was barely a way to get back onto that basketball court.

Posner states, “I wasn’t able to work out or get in the gym, so that caused me to take a couple of steps back.”

There is nothing much left to do other than just to get up and get back to working on improving yourself and your skills. COVID-19 has taken too much away but Jeremy has stepped up and continued in his way to becoming a better person and a better player.