Basketball Intramural Championship Game Comes Thursday

Promotional Poster for the Basketball Intramural Final, Happening this thursday(Ctred: Tim Osei)

Promotional Poster for the Basketball Intramural Final, Happening this thursday(Ctred: Tim Osei)

Amine Kassaoui

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. – The Pace University basketball intramurals championship will take place at 10 p.m. this Thursday, December 15th inside Goldstein Fitness Center, with the defending champions New World Order taking on Door Dash.

Door Dash, a team comprised exclusively of 11 Pace football players including Ramir Tann-Davis, one of the greatest wide receivers in school history, will have the athletic edge as nWo consists of nine non-athletes and just one former Setter basketball player.

The encounter features the top two scorers in the league. Door Dash is pulsed by Josiah Jones’ 26 points per game and nWo is led by former Blue & Gold basketball player Jeremy Posner’s 24.5 points per game.

The championship final is a rematch of a Nov. 20 regular season matchup in which Door Dash defeated nWo 64-60. Isaiah Allen scored a game-high 20 points for the winning side, while Posner and Kyle Moran were the leading nWo scorers in a losing effort, with 18 and 14 points respectively.

“What lost us the last one was cardio,” said Moran. “They’re an athletics team. I was sucking wind by the end of the game. Maybe we substitute a little more, give guys a minute breather here and there, that’ll be good for us.”

Moran, a senior, scored 27 points in the semifinal win and was dubbed “Larry Curry” by his teammates, a conglomeration of the names of Larry Bird and Stephen Curry, two of the best shooters in NBA history.

“For kids like me who aren’t athletes but are still athletic and want to participate in sports it’s such a great thing,” Moran said of intramurals. “One, it’s a good way to stay in shape. It’s also a good thing to get your mind off the bulk of school, especially coming down toward the end of the semester. I know I have a day of the week that I can put my work aside, go to the gym and focus on what I like doing, which is hooping,” he concluded with a smile.

Kyle Otten, who serves as an assistant coach for nWo concurred, “Intramurals let you meet people you wouldn’t ever know or interact with otherwise on campus,” he said. “For example, there are a lot of fraternity and sports teams, and you get to know them and they get to know you and it’s just a great time all around.”

The heart and soul of the basketball intramural program is Tim Osei, a graduate student in charge of all logistical matters.

“He sets up the games, I don’t even know how that works,” chuckled Moran. “His work ethic is something else. He directs the whole thing, reaches out to us and other teams. He’ll text us the day of, ‘Reminder: game at this time.’ Yesterday he texted us after the game, ‘Hey! Great win guys!’ Then he’ll stay an hour after the games end to clean up and do everything.”

Otten added, “We were supposed to have the championship game on Wednesday, but he wanted both teams to be at full strength so he pushed it back. He’s just a special kind of dude honestly.”

Tim Osei is responsible for reaching out to team captains about game times, hiring staff, referees, statisticians, and all gameday workers.

“For me, it is paramount to have a level of student engagement,” said Osei. “Through sports, people from different walks of life, people you would never think would come together do so in the spirit of competition and foster friendships”

nWo and Door Dash face off on Thursday night for all the marbles.