Fifty Shades Darker Trailer Breaks Record for Most Views


Courtesy of Pixabay

Susan Aracena , Arts and Entertainment Editor

Fifty Shades Darker will be in theaters February 10th. It’s been a year and a half since Fifty Shades of Grey was in theaters making a whopping $571 million worldwide and only had a budget of $40 million.

Fifty Shades of Grey crushed many records and proved many movie proditions wrong. Now there is a sequel.
The Fifty Shades Darker trailer has been released, and like the prequel has already broken a record, this time for the most watched movie trailer in 24 hours., taking away the title from Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

“I have propably seen the trailer about 3 times today on facebook alone”. Says Pace student Meredith Bowman

Within the first 24 hours, Fifty Shades Darker had been viewed 114 million times. The previous title holder, Star Wars: The Force Awakens second released trailer was viewed 112 million times . Fifty Shades Darker crushed this record by a difference of three million. Just like the first movie hot, steamy, erotic images had been displayed superfluously in its trailer.

According to The Hollywood Report, Fifty Shades Darker was viewed 39.4 million times in North America alone, but the majority of their online views came from 32 international markets which include the U.K., Mexico, and France, where they received 74.6 million official views.

Viewers, drawn to the concupiscence that Anastasia and Christian had towards one another from the first movie will find the couple who broke up in the first film will have rekindled their sexual relationship but, on Anastasia’s terms. The trailer has insinuated that Christian Grey’s extremely secret past has haunted their efforts of having any relationship. This haunting of Christians past causes the trailer make the movie seem to be more of a thriller than a fleshy, erotic drama. With a ghostly girl who stalkingly appears in the trailer, there were more gasps than moans.

“The movie was pretty intense. Like, I enjoyed the first movie a lot and I can’t wait to see the second one. I feel like there is a lot more going on in this one (fifty shades darker) though”, Says Pace student Nicole Bellot.

The movie is based on the second book of the best-selling Fifty Shades trilogy written by E.L. James. The books alone have an incredible fan base. Entertainment Weekly called the books “a class of by itself”. Many have say that the book is more “Raw” than the movie yet for an R-rated film there is only so much that can be filmed.

Don’t miss the movie that comes out on February 10, 2017; just in time for Valentine’s Day.