The Award Winning Newspaper Of Pace University


The Award Winning Newspaper Of Pace University


The Award Winning Newspaper Of Pace University


Best Spots In Westchester: Where to Thrift

Best Spots In Westchester: Where to Thrift

Tisha Baker October 3, 2022

Being a well-versed local, I am obligated to show my peers around. To start this tour guide off, I will first share my favorite thrift stores close to campus. Spend any time on TikTok or with fashion-forward...

Q&A with directors Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer

God’s Creatures Screening at Jacob Burns and Review

James Steigerwald and Leanna Ward September 27, 2022

  On September 19th, the Jacob Burns Film Center held a screening of the unreleased film God’s Creatures, with a Q&A with both of the film’s directors Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer afterward.  God’s...

pace.confessions.official Instagram account

Burner accounts and the resurgence of Yik Yak

Jj Perdido May 3, 2022

Burner accounts on Instagram have made their presence on the Pace campus along with the resurgence of Yik Yak. Accounts on Instagram such as @anythingbutkessel, @pace.confessions.official, @paceplvconfession...

Everything Everywhere All At Once: Movie Review

Leanna Ward May 2, 2022

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022, dir. Daniel Sheinert and Daniel Kwan) is one of the most creative and mind-bending films of the decade so far. There seems to be a plot twist every 15 minutes of...

Paces 2016 Football team (photo courtesy of the Setters parents Facebook page)

Proteins Create Champions

Nicolina Barone, Contributing Writer/ Copy Editor September 27, 2021

Nutritionists, physical therapists, bodybuilders, and doctors, will all agree on one fact, the importance of diets. As a D2 school, our athletes need to make sure they are fueling their bodies. Grueling...

Like my morning view, depicted above, our roads each have their own beauty.

Commuter Students: To Be Pitied or Envied?

Vesa Qosaj, Contributing Writer September 23, 2021
Yet, the real question that resurfaces as I start my first Fall semester is: “Am I really so sure of my decision to commute during what are supposed to be the ‘best four years of my life?’” 

Are students following university mask mandate?

Krissy Scott September 18, 2021

On Aug. 13, 2021, Pace University officially reinstated its mask mandate for the fall semester.  This decision came shortly after the CDC had curated a list of areas in the country with high community...

Too many textbooks, and too much money wasted.

5 things every first-year Pace student should know

Brianne Gonzalez August 27, 2021

Everyone’s first-year college story is different, but there’s one thing that is a universal experience - there is a lot to learn! As a warm welcome to Pace’s incoming students, here are five things...

Editor-in-Chief of The Pace Chronicle, Sequoia Cumming

Letter from the Editor: Fall 2021

Sequoia Cumming, Senior Reporter August 27, 2021

Greetings to the Pace community, As Summer ends and a new semester begins, I reflect back to entering Pace Pleasantville as a first-year student. It was a whirlwind of orientation, Week of Welcome,...

Ashling Dennehy 22 studying in her dorm at Pace Pleasantville.

How to become a successful college student

Krissy Scott August 26, 2021

These past two years have presented their fair share of challenges. And if you’re an incoming college student during a pandemic like I was, it’s probably presented to you even more! If you’re starting...

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